Caline Wars


Caline wars is an action rpg game that takes place in a world where cats and dogs are the dominant species. Discover civilizations, armors, weapons and tools from an animal perspective wrapped in a deep story about this world.

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in Caline Wars, every weapon, armor, tool or even building is thought as if animals had a human like inteligence while keeping the natural side of the environment.


In the religious conflict opposing cats and dogs, you will have to choose from which side you want to explore the story of the game.


Caline Wars is a hail to cats and dogs. The player will be able to play at start 10 breeds of cats and 10 breeds of dogs, each having special habilities and ingame utility. Choose wisely !!!


Explore vast levels

During your experience ingame, you will visit different places, biomes and dungeons that will uncover their secrets for you.

Craft weapons and armors

Weapons, armors and tools will raise your dogs and cats defensive power and rampaging damage. From the materials gathered ingame, you will be able to craft powerful objects.

Improve your characters ranks

Each character will have an army rank at start that will get higher as missions and objectives will fall under your strategies and powers in battles and know-how in solving puzzles in dungeons.


Learn about some highlights of caline wars

Unreal Engine

Created using unreal engine for stunning graphics and addictive gameplay

Pay-to-win free

Enjoy a full game experience without microtransactions walls


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Made for gamers and animal lovers by gamers and animal lovers, Caline Wars is the fantasy-adventure game you’ve been waiting for!

Created by a passionate and enthusiastic team of hardcore engineers, makers, designers, programmers, and creative artists, Caline Wars is the very first passion project of YETI Creative— an innovative 5-person team who met as strangers in Japan over 2 years ago and quickly became friends and creative collaborators.

Inspired by their shared love of art, video games, and animals and backed by the help of professionals and freelancers who are helping bring the team’s creative dreams to reality, Caline Wars immerses players in a fantastic world ruled by highly intelligent cats and dogs.

Yozan Bi Abel Tresor

3D Artist / General Manager

Sophie Ali

Marketing Strategist

N'Guessan Marie-Claire

Community Manager

Viphany Sihalath

Community Manager

Yozan Bi Adriel Junior

Software Developer

Emmanuel Barry Dax